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Home is where the heart is …

17 years of ribosome structure research ( in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and on many synchrtron beamlines around the world. In parallel desktop publishing starting with an ATARI (Calamus) and later during the 1990’s photoshop and ray tracing (PovRay) – research results need to be visualized.

2009 visualization of research results became the base for a kind of interface between research and public relations at the Max Planck Institute fot the Structure and Dynamics of Matter at CFEL (Center for Free-Electron Laser Science) in Hamburg.

Listen to ship horns from the Elbe in southern winds …

„Rolling home, rolling home, rolling home across the sea
Rolling home, to good old Hamburg, rolling home, min Deern to di“

I appologize for presenting the whole website in german only. When it started, years ago, I tried to build up a two language site but finally I gave up because I hardly manage to keep the german part actual.

Nevertheless, I may come up with some english posts which are listed below.